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Dad Doesn't Need

A Cape

By: Jewel Arellano

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Authors Bio

Jewel L. Arellano is the founder of Nurtured Nurses, LLC.  Her passion and desire to educate, empower, and encourage may be traced back to teaching patients and training staff but transcends to nurturing children through writing.  She has been a licensed nurse since 2008, obtaining her Director of Staff Development certification in 2014 and became an entrepreneur in 2020.

Jewel is a wife, mother of two girls (both under the age of six), fur mom to two dogs and fish mom to a Beta.  Soon after becoming a mother, she rekindled her relationship with poetry and creative writing.  A new excitement for children’s books was developed and quickly turned into an impromptu story time tradition for her family.

She stands by her belief in reading being fundamental and that there should not be any limitations placed on knowledge. Jewel believes that children may not fully understand or be able to conceptualize but, their brains are like sponges, and the absorbed information will be retained. 

To find out more about Jewel and future projects, please visit nurturednursesbooks.com.  



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